Perla 1 Cruises - Syros Cyclades

Welcome in Syros island!

Welcome to Syros Adventyres!

Syros island

Welcome to Syros! An island of arts and culture but also of a unique natural environment in the Cyclades.

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Check out the pearla1 tour to unique syros beaches , be informed in advance and plan your excursion!

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Daily cruises to unique deserted beaches, swimming in private getaways in Ano Meria. (North Syros)

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Who we are

Our philosophy
The original idea was to highlight the beautiful and inaccessible, for most of the people, NW beaches of Syros. So, in 2000 we bought our vessel and through loads of effort, persistence, insistence and respect to nature and the environment, we managed to fulfil our dream and goals. We continue to look after this special part of the island so that it remains unchanged: natural and clean, away from human interventions which can sometimes be harmful instead of beneficial. We would like to share with you the joy the sea offers and create summer experiences full of happiness and fun, friendships and memories that will stay forever in our heart and mind.

The Area

 New summer seazon 2022!

Watch the video tour on the northern beaches of Syros from above!

Daily departures
to the north west beaches

Reservations – informations 
Departure time
10:30, 12:30, 14:00, 15:30

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The boat

PERLA 1 is a speed boat with a capacity of transporting 20 passengers. It complies fully with all safety rules and regulations as defined by Greek laws.

dinner in marmmari beach gria spilia beach syros

The Captain

Ever since I was a little boy I would look at the sea and my thoughts would always be with it. I fell in love with it and I lived with it at a relatively young age. I worked on sea going ships as a Second Officer for several years, I travelled all around the world and became familiar with all the different faces, pleasant or unpleasant, the sea can show us. However, the unique Aegean Sea was always in my mind. So, when I felt that the time had come, I decided to leave my career on sea going ships behind and live here on Syros, my island. I wanted to work in familiar waters, to meet nice people and share with them joys, emotions and beautiful moments.
With respect
Cpt. Nikos Printezis

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Client Testimonials

Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

Unforgettable moments
in the bay of Grammata
with the wonderful captain Nikos
and the boat PERLA 1.!!!
We suggest it unreservedly !
Thank you, Nikos!

Helen – Mike

El crucero Perla1 es de lo mejor y por supuesto Nikos es una gran persona y capitán, te vas a divertir mucho!!!
El crucero Perla1 es de lo mejor y por supuesto Nikos es una gran persona y capitán, te vas a divertir mucho!!!

Lizette Torrente

Thank you Nikos and Manou
for making
an amazing experience.
A day trip
that you have to do in Syros  island!
Thank you!

Yael Sitton

Latest News

Stay up to date with our latest news!

interpretation in the tour

The first round of seminars and workshops on interpretation in the tour was successfully completed. The third day included discussions and structured presentations in the area of ​​the Letters, and […]

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Letters Syros: Engraved wishes of 2000 years

Letters Syros: Engraved wishes of 2000 years

Letters Syros: Engraved wishes of 2000 years Since antiquity, the Aegean, with so many islands, has been an element of communication, wealth and civilization. The sea, which today operates many[…]

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Letters made of nature and love - Article of Newspapper Kathimerini

Letters made of nature and love

GREECE KATHIMERINI 01.09.2017 VIKI KATEXAKI Letters made of nature and love   “The Letters on Syros was a project of my grandfather, who basically hid his great love for poetry.[…]

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South Aegean Business Program 2014-2020 Beneficiary: NIKOLAOS DIMITRIOU PRINTEZIS

Information about COVID-19prevention and protection measures for travelers


Symptoms of COVID-19:

In case of a sudden onset of the disease, patients present at least one of the following symptoms: cough, fever, shortness of breath.

Passengers should not travel if the last 14 days before the trip themselves or any member of their family:

- Have been in contact with a COVID-19 patient without the use of personal protective equipment

- Have been in close contact with someone who has been diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)

- Have provided immediate care to someone who has been diagnosed with a new COVID-19 coronavirus infection or have worked with health workers who became infected with COVID-19

- Have visited or been in close proximity to someone who had been diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)

- Have worked at close range or shared the same teaching environment with someone who was diagnosed with a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19)

- Have traveled with a COVID-19 patient by any kind of transport

- Have they stayed at the same house/place with someone infected  with the new Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Professional cruise ships are not allowed on board vulnerable groups and people at high risk (people over the age of 70 or those with serious underlying chronic illnesses - cardiovascular disease, diabetes, respiratory illness - and people with immunosupression). ). Their participation in such trips with professional tourist ferries will be allowed only if the trip is specifically for these groups.

It is highly recommended to the passengers:

- To maintain the social distance during boarding and disembarking on the boat, following the special marking and the instructions, in order to maintain a minimum distance of 1.5 meters between the passengers, as well as during the stay in the waiting areas.

- Frequent hand washing with soap and water or alternatively using an alcoholic solution containing 70% alcohol. The use of gloves does not replace hand hygiene. At the entrance of the ship as well as at the waiting and ticketing areas there is an antiseptic station (70% alcohol content).

- Cover the mouth and nose with a tissue during coughing or sneezing and then throw it in a plastic bag and apply antiseptic to the hands. For this purpose, there is available the corresponding equipment (tissues or disposable paper towels and gloves, plastic bag, etc.).

- Avoid contact of hands with mouth, nose or eyes to prevent the spread of germs.

- Avoid contact with people who have respiratory symptoms.

- The use of a cloth mask (which will be supplied by themselves) when boarding and disembarking on board.

- Early arrival to facilitate the check-in process before boarding.

- Immediate statement to the boat's captain if they develop respiratory symptoms during the trip.

The ship is disinfected after disembarking at the end of the voyage and before boarding new passengers and starting a new voyage.

It is possible to refuse boarding the boat to passengers, if they have been ill or have been in contact with a confirmed case of COVID-19 infection or in case of their non-compliance with the prevention and protection measures.

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